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The Bakery at Dutch Kitchen

bakery at dutch kitchen

Welcome to the bakery at the Dutch Kitchen! Whether grabbing a stash of bakery items for the home, office or to simply hide away and enjoy all to yourself, you'll find something for nearly every sweet tooth here at our bake shop.

Donuts, cream sticks, cookies, pie, breads, cakes, cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls... you won't be able to walk past our selections without stopping at least for a glance. Go ahead... indulge. You'll enjoy every bite!

And don't forget a bakery order for your next meeting, party, or "Donut Friday." Just give us a call ahead and we'll have your order waiting!


Fruit/Custard Pies
Flavors include Apple, Blueberry, Custard, Dutch Apple, Dutch Rhubarb, Peach, Pumpkin, Raisin.
Cream Pies
Flavors include Banana Cream, Butterscotch, Chocolate Cream, Coconut Cream, Lemon Chiffon, & Peanut Butter Cream.
Specialty Pies
Flavors include Bumble Berry, Strawberry-Rhubarb, Cherry, Dutch Pumpkin, Dutch Cherry, Lemon Meringue and Chocolate Peanut Butter.
More Specialty Pies
Black Raspberry, Black Raspberry Cream, Elderberry, German Chocolate Cream and Pecan.
No Sugar Added Pies
Flavors include Apple, Peach & Cherry. (Add $1.00 for Cherry).
No Sugar Added Small Pies
Flavors include Apple & Peach.

Fresh Fruit Pies (In Season)

Fresh Strawberry Pie
In season.
Fresh Blueberry Pie
In season.
Fresh Peach Pie
In season.

Fry Pies

Fry Pies
A local favorite. Fry pies available in Apple, Blackberry, Black Raspberry, Bumbleberry, Cherry, Peach, Lemon, Strawberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Elderberry, Blueberry, NSA Apple, NSA Peach, NSA Cherry. Half dozen, $17.94. 1 dozen, $35.88.

Glazed Donuts

Glazed Donuts - Small
Half dozen, $5.94. 1 dozen, $11.88
Glazed Donuts - Large
Half dozen, $11.94. 1 dozen, $23.88.

Cream Sticks

Cream Sticks w/Bavarian Cream
Flavors include Chocolate, Maple, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Strawberry & Powdered. Half dozen, $10.14. 1 dozen, $20.28.
Cream Sticks w/Vanilla Cream
Flavors include Chocolate, Maple, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, Strawberry, and Powdered. Half dozen, $10.14. 1 dozen, $20.28.
Cream Sticks w/Peanut Butter Cream
Flavors Chocolate Iced. Half dozen, $10.14. 1 dozen, $20.28.

Apple Fritters & Dumplings

Apple Fritters
Half dozen, $11.94. 1 dozen, $23.88
Apple Dumplings
2-pack, $6.99

Rolls & Pastries

Cinnamon Rolls
2-Pack, $3.49. 4-Pack, $4.99
Pecan Rolls (4-Packs)
Sold in 4-Packs.

Special Glazed Donuts

More Special Donuts
Special Glazed Donuts (Small)
Flavors incude Maple, Chocolate, Cinnamon Sugar & Powdered Sugar. Half dozen, $6.60. 1 dozen, $13.20.


Cookies (10-Pack)
Flavors include Chocolate Chip, M&M, Molasses, Carrot Cake, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter & Chocolate Crinkle. 10-Pack.
More Cookies (10-Pack)
Flavors include Dutch Ultimate, Macadamia Nut & Buttermilk. 10-Pack.
Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies (10-Pack)
Cut-Out Sugar Cookies (8-Pack)
Vary by season! 8-Pack.
Whoopie Pies (4-Pack)
Flavors include Banana, Chocolate & Pumpkin. 4-Pack.

Breads & Dinner Rolls

White Bread (Sliced), 3/4 Or 1/2
Unsliced, $3.29.
Wheat Bread (Sliced)3/4 or 1/2
Unsliced, $3.39.
More Breads
Additional flavors include Cheese, Raisin, Rye, Sunflower-Barley, Pepperoni, JalapeƱo, Herb, Italian & Cinnamon Breads.
Banana & Pumpkin Breads
For your sweet tooth!
Corn Bread
Goes great with nearly every meal!
Dinner Rolls (12-Pack)
Wheat & Oatmeal. 6-Pack, $3.29


Sold by the lb.

Cakes & Cupcakes

Mini Loaves
Banana, Pumpkin and Herb.
Brownies & Pumpkin Bars
Always delicious!
Angel Food Cake
Flavors include White, Strawberry, Orange & Chocolate. Half cake, $4.19.
Cupcakes (2-Pack)
Flavors include White & Chocolate. Half Dozen, $7.50. 1 Dozen, $15.00.